Sean Vigue’s official 7 Day Yoga Challenge is Complete! #7dayyogachallenge


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Ready for 7 days of complete yoga classes?

Ready for 7 days of complete yoga classes?

My friends, thanks so much for making our premier 7 day yoga challenge such a runaway success. Your comments and emails have motivated me to do more of these unique and diverse programs. Let me know another 7 day challenge you’d love for me to create on my YouTube channel. Comment below!

Here’s your 7 Day Yoga Challenge. Make sure you ‘check in’ (with photos too!) each day on your social media and TAG me #seanviguefitness. Thanks!

Monday – Morning Sunrise Yoga Routine

Tuesday – Power Yoga Strength and Focus Routine

Wednesday – Yoga Restoration and Meditation Routine

Thursday – Intense Warrior Yoga Core Routine

Friday – Full Body Yoga Stretch Routine

Saturday – Power Yoga Cardio Fat Burning Routine

Sunday (final day) – Sean’s Ultimate Yoga Workout Routine

Enjoy and keep me posted on your progress!

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