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Do the "7 Day Pilates Challenge"!

Do the “7 Day Pilates Challenge”!

My friends, in the wake of the immense popularity of our 7 Day Yoga Challenge I created a 7 Day Pilates Challenge. This is perfect for anyone of all ages and fitness levels. You may begin whenever you prefer and have a wild and sweaty time working through these 7 complete and diverse bodyweight only workouts. All I ask is that you comment (on the youtube videos) after you tackle each workout and post about your progress on social media…TAG me #seanviguefitness. Sound good? Oh, and if you want to Donate to support Sean…he appreciates it. Let’s get started!

Monday – Sunrise Morning Pilates Workout

Tuesday – Intermediate Full Body Pilates Workout

Wednesday – Complete Yoga Pilates Workout Routine

Thursday – Killer Power Pilates Strength Workout

Friday – Relaxing Pilates Restoration and Flexibility Workout

Saturday – Standing Abs Pilates Workout Routine

Sunday – The Ultimate Pilates Workout Class

I can’t wait to hear about your progress. Have fun!
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