Pilates and Spinning/Indoor Cycling


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We all know that Pilates can help tremendously with a person’s form no matter the sport or activity. Your core muscles as they relate to Cycling are all about form.

The ‘proper’ cycling position from the head down is as follows:

Head & Neck: Relaxed, neutral, looking forward

Upper Body: Relaxed with very little movement – ‘Be still my upper body’

Arms / Hands: Relaxed, light on the handlebars (Are you getting an idea of relaxation yet?)

Knees: In close to the top tube or pointing forward, moving directly up & down (not side to side) A tight lower back can force your knees to stick out away from the body – Call for Pilates! Apparently women are the reverse, when they’re tight they develop a ‘knock knee’ position.

Posture: Weight on the saddle, towards the back, chest up and breastbone forward, think long abs, stomach in. This posture allows you to lengthen and relax your lower back (Pilates anyone!) while remaining comfortable. If your hands are relaxed on the handlebars and can be easily lifted without shifting your weight, you’re on the way. Neutral Spine plays a role here. Don’t flatten the back and don’t round it over, maintain the natural curves of your spine (Pilates again)

A Pilates regimen can help the cyclist with flexibility and core strength.

Source: allaboutpilates.com

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