Mr. Fitness in 2008!


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January through the end of March was a CRAZY time for Mr. Fitness LLC! Over those 3 months I personally taught 216 group fitness classes (Pilates Matwork, Hatha Yoga, Yogalates and Spinning) all over Central Florida. Whew! This past week has been Spring Break so my schedule was slightly lighter…only 10 classes!

I could not ask for a more rewarding and exciting profession. I have the opportunity to work with individuals, small groups (5-10 people) and large groups (11-50+ people) and show them ways to improve their physical, mental and spiritual selves. Every single class has been built up over the past couple years into something extraordinary. Thousands of people have attended my classes and my turnover rate is around 95%. This is only the beginning for Mr. Fitness LLC.

Every class is unique. Every class is an opportunity. Every class is a gift.

Sean Vigue

“What is this Wonka? Some kind of funhouse?!”
“Why? Having fun?”

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