Music for Pilates…an art form.


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Selecting music for my Pilates classes is always a pleasure. I have heard that some instructors don’t even use music in their classes. I would go INSANE! Music elevates the experience and invigorates the mind and body to perform as one. Over the past few years of teaching I have made hundreds of mixes for Pilates classes and am still trying to form the “Perfect Mix“. I don’t know if it will ever happen…I have come very close a few times. As long as there is plenty of Enya, Enigma, Delerium, Bond, Moby and a sprinkling of Barenaked Ladies and Depeche Mode all will be right with the Pilates world.

The best song ever for Pilates is Kashmir by Bond. Next week I may change my mind about that…

Sean Vigue

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  1. Jillian04-07-08

    I must say that Kashmir by Bond is also an excellent song for a running mix.

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