Pilates classes for Walt Disney World


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As many of you know I am THE Pilates instructor for all of Walt Disney World Florida property and I work through Cast Activities. I have taught at Team Disney, Animal Kingdom Cast Services and have been teaching for the last year-and-a-half at the Feature Animation building in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I just taught my 150th Pilates class at this excellent facility and could not be more excited with how the classes have been going. Cast Members sign-up for eight-week sessions with me through the Cast Portal/Hub and these classes run several times during the week. I am very pleased that so many Cast Members keep coming back for more of these dynamic and invigorating classes that end their day at Disney. Each class ranges from 10-20 people and hundreds have attended at F.A. We are in discussions about adding even more classes at Feature Animation because of the huge interest that has been generated. We will keep packin’ em’ in our studio!!

So thanks to all who have attended my classes and the best is yet to come!

Sean Vigue

“I am 50 years ahead of my time.”
-Joseph Pilates

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