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I pattern my classes like a dramatic piece of theater. In every theatrical production you have the overture, the setting, the dramatic action that pushes the story forward, the falling action and finally the resolution. People leave the show feeling content and happy. If this structure is changed then everything falls.

My classes are structured with the same thoughts in mind. We begin with a warm-up, move into the exercises or poses, (they build and develop as we move further into the class) the big, power moves finish off the exercises, and then we move into the cool down (stretching and releasing tension that we built up during the class). People leave my class feeling content and happy.

All of my classes (Pilates, yoga, yogalates, Spinning, chair yoga etc.) follow this dramatic arc. it ensures that every sequence has a purpose and they all connect together. Nothing happens by “chance” in my classes. There is a natural flow that your mind/body/spirit adheres to. Every class I teach improves how I “deliver” the product. Even after teaching a few thousand classes I am still learning from each and every one.

I have taken classes where there is no flow to the class. It is painful to me. If people come together for a group fitness class and the instructor drops the ball it is such a waste of time and spirit. I work very hard to ensure that EVERY class has it’s own feel and personality. We come together to make our lives better (even extraordinary) in group fitness. To think any less would be a shame.

Sean Vigue

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