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I am feeling so invigorated being back into the “teaching routine”! Tonight I taught my first Hatha Yoga Flow class at Golds Gym Dr. Phillips and was very happy with how it went. The first class is always the toughest for me and now I feel I can relax more and really let loose.

I also started back at Disney with my Pilates classes for a new eight-week session that is packing them in! I added more classes this time around.

Platinum Dance Academy is also up and running and I taught there yesterday (Pilates and Candlelight Yoga). The studio is so new it smells like brand new carpet and paint! Love those smells.

I am back at the Artisan Clubhouse in the most beautiful room in the county!

I am back on the Spinning bike at Celebration Health tomorrow as well.

Many more classes at many different locations and facilities (Golds Gym, Montessori School, Celebration School, etc ect)…life just keeps getting more interesting. I say it a lot but I love the work that I do!!!!

That is all…


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