2008 coming to a glorious end!


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The end of the year is fast approaching as we reflect on all the great and exciting things that occured in our lives. This has been another whirlwind year for Mr. Fitness LLC as I have personally instructed over 700 classes in 2008! These include: Pilates Matwork, Power Yoga, Relaxation Yoga, Flow Yoga, Spinning/Indoor Cycling and Personal Training. I have had the pleasure of teaching at health clubs, hospitals, Pilates studios, schools, businesses, resorts, dance academys, Clubhouses, homes, fields, skies, planets…etc etc… you get the idea. The point being that these classes can be held just about anywhere. All you need is a mat and a bottle of water (except for Spinning of course!) and you can create the most phenominal, powerful and effective workout imaginable! You will always feel so much better during and after class then when you walked in the door! Sleeping…forget about it…you will sleep like a baby after all that toning, stretching and strenghening. There are really no side effects to these classes other then getting horribly hooked on attending.

I teach all class sizes. At some places I can pack 40, 50, or 60+ into a room or studio while others are more subtle (1-10). Whatever the class size I will work my heart out for my clients! No 2 classes are ever the same so the mind/body connection will always be fresh. After teaching thousands of classes the past few years I am only getting stronger and more confident in what I do.

Time for lunch! Keep checking back to see what I am up to and how you can be a part of it!

Sean Vigue

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