Health and Fitness goals for 2009!


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As the new year approaches I am setting my sights on how to deliver the best possible classes and instruction to my many clients.

Here are a few goals (some I already have set but wish to improve them with each passing day):

~Make the classes challenging for people of all fitness levels. Whoever comes through the door will get a class that will stretch, strengthen and tone their entire body and mind.

~Treat every class as if it is the only one I will ever have the privilege of teaching.

~Always be in the glorious moment of the class!

~Remember all of my clients names (which is pretty difficult with well over 10,000 fitness hungry clients!).

~To make the classes not merely a period of time where people come to attain better health but an experience/event that will be unforgettable and keep them coming back for more!

There is so much more I can write on the amazing field of health and fitness and bettering lives but will save it for another time.

Happy New Year!!

Sean Vigue

~For info on where I teach and when please email me at
I teach at over 20 different locations around Central Florida and beyond so it is difficult to post. I look forward to hearing from you!!

“”Permit nothing else to sway you from keeping faith with yourself.”
~Joseph Pilates

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