Why I love teaching Group Fitness…


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Here are a few reasons why I wake up every morning and am so excited to teach, teach and teach some more (Pilates, Power Yoga Relaxation Yoga, Yogalates and Spinning)!

~I meet new people everyday who are interested in improving their quality of life and those around them.
~When people come into class they are usually stiff, tired, distracted and unfocused. When they leave they are invigorated, released, calm and very focused. They always look better AND feel better.
~Only positive things happen during each and every class. People always feel so much better during and after class then when they came in the room.
~I get to delve into so much great music!
~The energy in the rooms is contagious and intoxicating and it feeds everyone!
~I get to hear my own voice! HAHA!

I will continue this in the next blog. Now that I have started I could list things for hours…and I probably will!

Mr. F

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  1. Ryan Rieger03-04-17

    Thank you so much for giving us so many videos. You have changed my life for the better. I have learned something from everyone of your videos. How you mix it up is amazing. I am an arborist and have become very flexible and more coordinated because of your workouts. I can’t thank you enough!!!!! Keep the videos coming and I can’t wait to meet you in person!!!!! I will travel to meet you someday!!!!!!

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