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I will be returning to Central Florida this weekend to resume my enormous teaching schedule. So I say bring on the Pilates! Bring on the Yoga! Bring on the Power Yoga! Bring on the Yogalates! Bring on the Spinning! Bring on the intoxicating excitement that only group fitness can bring!

I am adding more locations to my teaching schedule in 2009 and making plans to produce and star in a (or several) health and fitness DVD!!! This has been something that has been on the tip of my tongue for awhile and I am excited to take more steps to make it happen. Stay on the lookout!

I am also participating in several new certifications and workshops in the next few months so that I may offer my clients nothing but the absolute best in fitness and health!

Enough for now…I am heading to my favorite local haunt Barnes and Noble to do some studying, observing, and coffee drinking. Join me if you like!

“How you treat your body is YOUR choice!”

Sean Vigue

~For info on where I teach and when please email me at
I teach at over 20 different locations around Central Florida and beyond so it is difficult to post. I look forward to hearing from you!!

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