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Pilates For Men Is Much More Than Losing One’s Belly Fat

It Has Been Falsely Identified As A “Woman Only” Exercise But It’s Origins Began With Male Soldiers

Pilates for men gives you increased strength, more endurance, agility and power. These benefits are what most men are looking for a workout to provide.

Is Pilates for men different then Pilates for women? Men have different physical structures then women, but require the same benefits of regular exercise. Men have a smaller pelvis, tighter hips and generally tighter hamstrings then women. This lack of range of motion could be why most men at some time in their lives experience some form of back pain.

What about flexibility, balance, and more energy? Do men want stronger bones, less body fat and better orgasms Of course they do, but Pilates has been falsely identified as a “woman only” exercise. People forget that Pilates was created by a man for men. The first practitioners of Pilates were soldiers, boxers, and athletes.

Over the years I’ve had many male clients and recently have been seeing more men in my studio. I’ve noticed that they break down into three categories. Men who are aging, men who are young and fit, and men who have had a significant weight loss. Their reasons for seeking out Pilates for men may be different, but they can all benefit from a Pilates regimen.

The first category, men who are aging, come to me because they are noticing a difference in how their bodies feel and they are unable to perform the same kind of exercise they did when younger. These men will benefit from more stretching to increase mobility; core strengthening for stronger backs and better posture, and exercise that is gentle on their joints. Pilates can provide all these things.

The second category, men who are young and fit, are a tricky bunch because they are already active and strong. Men who bulk up may lack flexibility but more often they are looking to gain functional strength. Perhaps they want to improve their golf game or their muscular endurance.

Maybe they are bored with their routines and want to add some variety. Pilates for men can breathe some life back into their game.The final category, men who have lost a large amount of weight, inevitably want to lose their belly fat. In other words, they lost weight and now want to tone their mid sections. Pilates, with all its attention to building stronger abs, is a perfect addition to their already successful weight loss.

Truth is, men of any age want to lose their belly fat. This is an area where men carry extra weight. Pilates, in combination with regular cardio exercise and a lean diet, can be a dynamic program for getting rid of the dreaded belly fat.

Pilates for men can improve posture, balance, stability, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and functional strength. Good things for all people!

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Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

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