Two new classes on Disney property!


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I am adding two brand new Lunchtime Yogalates classes to my busy Walt Disney World teaching schedule! Starting next week I will be offering Yogalates at the Feature Animation building as well as the 215 building in Celebration. To attend these classes you must be a Disney Cast Member and sign-up on the Hub. Here is a brief description:

Yogalates is a fusion of yoga and Pilates that combines the core strengthening benefits of Pilates with the stretching and relaxation of yoga. Classes will consist of a warm-up, core exercises, yoga postures and a cool down/meditation to release stress and invigorate your soul. Class begins at noon and lasts 45 minutes. Please bring a Yoga/Pilates Mat and a bottle of water and be prepared to stretch, strengthen and tone everything!

I continue to be at Disney four days a week to teach Pilates Matwork to their Cast Members and am celebrating over three years as their Pilates instructor for ALL of property through Cast Activities. Wow! I have had the honor of personally instructing over 5oo classes on property to thousands of their wonderful employees! What an awesome way to spend our time. I love teaching at Walt Disney World as I live only 5 minutes away!

Contact me for more information.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

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