Exciting classes this evening! Let it sizzle!


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Whew! Just returned home from teaching a couple invigorating classes. Every Wednesday evening I teach Spinning at Celebration Fitness which is a health club inside of the hospital. I made a new workout mix tonight and it COOKED! Making mixes is one of the many perks of what Mr. Fitness does. Since I started teaching full-time four years ago I have made hundreds maybe even thousands of mixes for all my diverse classes.

For Spinning the songs must compliment the varied terrain that we are riding on. In my Spinning classes there are no breaks…it is designed to mimic a real outdoor course ie. Hills, flats, intervals, recoveries…but there is NEVER a break! Sure you can pull back your intensity when you need to but the class must flow and connect every second. It is that energy that propels you to great things in class! My theater background allows me to NEVER get in the way of that flow. Let it move. Let it sizzle. Then you will find that glorious zone. The point where all become one: body, mind and spirit.

Class was packed and when we finished they all staggered out into the night…stronger, leaner, healthier, and with a clear mind. Hopefully they all showered (-:

After I jetted to the Artisan Park Clubhouse for my Pilates class. We have the most beautiful room in town and there was a huge turnout tonight. This Pilates stuff really works and it is no surprise that all my Pilates classes are well attended. I just pass on the method with my own dramatic flair and am carried along by the brilliance of the exercises. No side effects. No joint pain. All good. Stretch, strengthen and tone every time.

Lots of classes tomorrow so I must retire for the evening. The work never stops for Mr. Fitness. I will give everything I can to each class so people may realize their potential . We are capable of SO much more then we know. We have barely scratched the surface and I will be there everytime to bring it out of you. This is my mission in life.

Have a nice evening!

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to thousands!”

“This is not a dress rehearsal. This is it!”
~Tom Cunningham

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