Hollywood Studios with my parents


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Had the pleasure of hanging with my parents for a few hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today. I have taught a majority of my Pilates classes in the Feature Animation Building about 50 feet from the big, purple hat in the center of the park. It is always cool to hang out on the other side of the wall with the energy of the guests, attractions, parades, food and intense sun.

I am finishing up another eight-week Pilates and Yogalates session this week for Disney. This makes me their go to guy for these classes going on over three years now! Awesome! Love teaching for Disney and working with thousands of their cast members.

Off to bed because I have a HUGE class at Golds in the morning and I plan to work them hard!

Sean Vigue

“You and me
We’re gonna escape tonight
On the run
Under the moonlight

~Public Enemy #1 by Motley Crue

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