Another week is upon us…get your helmut!


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Here we are standing on the edge overlooking another week of living. For me that means preparing for about 20 classes. 20 chances to make a huge difference. 20 chances to improve our lives at every level. Every class teaches me something new about life…about movement…about motivation and living with passion. This is it. Make it unforgettable. Always be grateful.

I am busy preparing new music mixes and workout sequences. I am a huge fan of keeping each class slightly different than the last. Keep the mind and muscles constantly confused for maximum results.

I am listening to some old Chicago and thinking this could fit nicely into a Pilates mix. I would try Yoga but that would be TOO NUTS! Could you imagine that?!?! Get outta here with that craziness!

Oh yes…

Song of the Day: anything by The Hilliard Ensemble

They are a classical group that I heard for the first time today and it is tremendous music! The kind that makes you stare at the speakers and drool when it strikes your ears. Methinks it will work brilliantly for cool down music. They cover lots of Bach and the older lesser knowns like Victoria and Palestrina. They also cover lots of Milli Vanilli with panache’.

What a week this will be! Full of health, inspiration, breathing and Depeche Mode.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Dolly: We have to hide the eggs where P.J. will be sure to find them.
Billy: I’ll go put them in his pajamas.

From The Family Circus Easter Special (classic!)

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