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I have a pause in the day and wanted to write a quick note. Yesterday’s classes were firing on all cylinders! I won’t bore with the play-by-play of each one…but last nights power yoga class at Golds was just incredible! Everyone who attended was so focused and worked so very hard to do all they could. I was so proud. So damn proud. So damn proud to be a part of the experience and guide them through the many poses, postures, exercises, stretches, and cool downs. So damn proud! Class was he full hour and we mainlined health right into the vain. As always the times flies by and leaves me speechless. Time always moves too fast but in class it is times 2. Good and bad. When I was leading the warm-ups last night I was mapping the class in my head…planning tons of sequences…but alas times is an enemy as we probably hit about 60% of what I wanted. Oh well…I am not complaining.

Song of the Day: Don’t Dream it’s Over by Crowded House

Why? I love this song, always have. Have used it for a cool down in different classes. Never get tired of listening. One of my latest Pilates mixes has a couple newer Crowded House songs and they have a good, solid groove very fitting to Pilates. I wish there was a group called Empty House. All their songs could stink and make everyone listen to Crowded House. Good marketing idea. They have many more great tracks that are for the picking!

My parents are heading back to Wisconsin today after a nice 2 month vacation here in sunny Florida. I will miss them but am excited to see them in a little over a month. God speed!

Time to watch a little Iron Man

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

We run away all the time to avoid coming face to face with ourselves.

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