Planks planks planks…


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That’s what you’re gonna get with me this week as I am in a Plank Mood. You gotta love an exercise that elicits nothing but groans when it is announced to the room full of fitness freaks! They groan out of respect. They respect The Plank because it is so darn effective and will tighten up all the right places. You must respect something that will give you so much in such a short amount of time. Can’t decide between Forearm Plank or Full Plank? Why not go from one to the other….euphoria!

Mr. F taught a couple classes this morning (Golds Pilates was SRO and I got to show off my new music mix, Pilates Electric!) and then went for a swim. That was my first swim in over 5 months. Refreshing! I love watching all the people come in to swim with their shaved legs, expensive swimwear and fancy goggles only to leave after jumping in, swimming one lap at full speed, realizing that swimming is hard work, and beating a hasty retreat to the therapy pool to sit on one of the jets and make weird sounds and faces. Was that sentence too long? Too late to go back!

Song of the Day: This Time Tomorrow by The Kinks

Such a wistful piece of music. Wistful to the very core. I added it to my new Golds Yoga 11 Mix that will be used this evening if I have anything to say about it. They may have been part of the British Invasion of the 60’s but tonight they will be invaded the Yoga peeps at Golds Dr. Phillips. Expect lots of Vinyasa sprinkled with a healthy dose of balance poses, Warriors, Bows and relaxation. I am drained just writing about it….The director Wes Anderson (Rushmore is the greatest movie ever!) uses The Kinks music in his movies to great effect.

So beware…now that I am swimming again I will have MORE energy to push you during class. More! It is my goal to make each and every class an unforgettable experience that will enrich your life on every level. That is the goal I take with me to EVERY class I teach. No two classes are exactly the same and you will submit (gleefully) to the glorious moment.

Go do some good.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!

Me, I’m just a hack. I’m just a schlepper. I just do what I can.
~Bette Midler

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  1. Chandra Jones, BS, CSCS, USAW04-22-09

    So who takes all your pictures, Sean? Randon individuals while you act like a tourist? LOL…
    Oh, you just reminded me–I need to go to the post office.
    Have a good week,

  2. Mark04-24-09

    If you need new workout music, the Pet Shop Boys new album, Yes, is brilliant! 🙂

  3. Sean Vigue04-25-09

    Yeah the new Pet Shop Boys CD is pretty cool. I used one of the songs in class the other day. Depeche Mode has a new album too.

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