Saturday to end all Saturdays!


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Where would we be without Saturday? What a dumb way to start this blog. Dumb dumb dumb. Let’s try again…so how’s the weather there? No that is dumb too. Start over Mr. F….

I have the whole day off from teaching tomorrow (Sunday)!! Teaching fitness is such a passion but one needs one day off a week to plan and recharge in able to go charging full steam ahead into the next week. This coming week is going to be a busy and exciting one at that! Lots and lots of classes and busy planning several new ones all over Orlando. It never stops and that is the way I like it!

Finished off my busy week at Disney and Golds yesterday with some Pilates classes. My Golds class yesterday was one for the books. I came with tons of moves and sequences to attack them with to make sure this weekend would be their weekend to show off their sexy muscles and posture! Lots of power Planks mixed with push-up variations. Then when they were almost ready to collapse we hit the abs again and again and again!! The hour goes SO DARN FAST!!! It really does. It always does. I am tired. Must sleep soon.

Song of the Day: Drumbone by Blue Man Group

This is a pure drum track that builds and builds in a frenzy of power! It is short (under 3 minutes) so when I use it in Spinning it is a full out run/sprint that ends in a burst of speed, sweat, blood and tears. Once the dust settles we start to come back to reality…until the next song! Drums work great in Spinning. Primal and basic. No hidden meanings with that powerful rhythm banging up your spine.

Off to bed I go. The picture is from today at The Magic Kingdom with my parents. We had so much fun and am sure they are passed-out right now from sharing the parks with over 100,000 sweaty people today!

Sleep tight…

Sean Vigue

I am searching for that which every man seeks-peace and rest.
~Dante Alighieri

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