Song of the Day….April 1st


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For an April Fools gag I could say that the Song of the Day is the theme to Silver Spoons but I digress…

One of my favorites….very predictable if you know me. This song has captured my rough heart and made it even more jagged and callous. It is from an album titled: Theater of Pain. Oooohhh what a great album it is!

Song of the Day: Louder than Hell by Motley Crue

I am using it in what may be my last Wednesday evening Spinning class at Celebration Fitness…not sure. If it is then this song must be cranked all the way up and the result will be the most intense, blistering hill of your sad, pathetic life!!! Short song which makes the hill all the more concentrated. As much as I love the Crue I can’t understand a damn thing that Vince is singing. His voice is soooo high it is a big vowel vomit! Who cares! It runs right up your spine until you want to rip the handlebars right off and throw them through the wall and that’s just for starters!! It creates such a fever behind the eys that keeps on spreading. If the song was 4 minutes long I would explode.

Off to teach and sweat my tush off.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

“I know it was wonderful, but I don’t know how I did it.”
~Sir Lawrence Oliver,
after a brilliant performance

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