Song of the Day…April 3rd…


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Whew! Just returned from teaching Pilates at Golds Gym Dr. Phillips. Class went very well as the energy soared through the vast room. Lots of Pilates hungry peeps today and we got all we could stomach…and more. I have been maxing out my Pilates Waves and Rock 1 Mix to great effect. I shall be retiring it soon as I just created Pilates Waves and Rock 2. It probably doesn’t sound all that interesting but once you hear these mixes combined with a heart pounding, core ripping, muscle toning Pilates class it all becomes clear. Clear as a pure mountain stream.

Song of the Day: Just the Same Way by Journey

This is some vintage Journey with a little more rock edge before they became the kings of the Power Ballad. More guitar. More grit. More sludge. More croutons. More everything! During class today the song struck during our intense Side-Leg Series. If you have never experienced Side-Leg Series….well you have not lived. Side-Leg Series will give you the most incredible looking legs if you practice it at least three-times-a-week. If you do it four times your legs will explode! Journey….great group. Faithfully is the greatest power ballad of all time by the way….

See you in class!

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

We will not know unless we begin.
~Howard Zinn

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