Song of the Day…April 5th…Can you dig it?!?!


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Sunday Sunday…what a great day! I just slept for 10 hours after teaching about 20 classes this week. 10 hours is a beautiful thing! The cliche’ thing to say would be, “I must have needed it!”…but I digress from such cliche’. Yucky. There are so many awesome things in life without boring cliche’s muddling it up. YOU BETCHA!!!

So the Song of the Day is a song that I have been using in my own workouts and not in class…yet. I went for a long bike ride yesterday. It was a standard ride for me: racing cars, yelling at them when they don’t pay attention and almost run me over, extending one of my digits to let them know I love them for their HORRIBLE driving, and listening to powerful and inspiring music while I gaze at the Florida architecture and wobbly tourists. Lately I have developed a lust for Deep Purple. In Nikki Sixxi’s book The Heroin Diaries he talks about his love for Deep Purple and that sparked my interest. So I got a couple of their albums and have been speeding more than ever on my bike. So anyway…

Song of the Day: The Unwritten Law by Deep Purple.

This song has the coolest drum riff throughout especially at the end when it brings the song to a glorious end. I first heard the lead singer Ian Gillian on the Jesus Christ Superstar album years ago and was impressed with his range. I want to slip this song into my Spinning classes for a brutal Hill but my class will be no more in the near future )-: It may work in Pilates…hmmmm…must meditate on that.

Check out the song. It will put a spring in your step and a sledgehammer in your heart!

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience.
~Ben Franklin

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