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Ugh! Ack! Smash! These are all sounds.

So yesterday I arrived at Golds Gym to teach my Friday Pilates class and all the power was out in the gym. I thought they had the generators hooked-up to the treadmills but I was wrong. This Golds has about 58 huge flat screen TV’s in front of the cardio machines because Americans are not over stimulated enough. This many distractions helps your focus. It is good that we can’t focus on one thing anymore. I digress…anyway there were 45 people Pilates with no music and no mic. At first it felt a little odd but after awhile the beautiful natural rhythm of the movements take over and all you hear is 45 people breathing 100%. I sang to them a little and hummed some pretty tunes during the cool down. So it was pretty cool to get back to the basics without the musical distractions. If you ever have to go to a desert island and are allowed to take along one exercise method take Pilates. It is AMAZING and you are missing out on the very essence of life if you choose to deprive yourself of it!

Song of the Day: Garden Party by Ricky Nelson

I have never used it in class but it is so smooth and I sing it to warm-up my voice in the morning before heading out to teach. Give it a try and tell em’ Mr. Fitness sent ya!

There are so many other amazing things to discuss but I have to eat and head to my parents’ condo for spaghetti and cupcakes. Yes! If we feel really crazy we will put Frasier on and dance around like fools….

I have tomorrow off! Yippee! It is Easter after all.

Happy Easter! Pray and be thankful for all the gifts. Always be thankful.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.
~Tuli Kupferberg

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