Song of the Day…What could it be???


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Whew! Home sweet home after being all over central Florida teaching classes. Feels good to work with so many great people and see their fitness levels grow and grow. What a sweet job I have! There are no barriers to working hands-on with a group of people and making a difference in that MOMENT. There are no committees. No middle people. No bureaucracy. It is pure. It is RIGHT NOW. The actions lead directly to greater health and enjoyment of life. It is immediate and lasting. We mainline health directly into your body and soul.

I taught my second to last Spinning class at Celebration Fitness last night and it was BRUTAL!! Fun too…but BRUTAL. When you put something in all caps it means…WHOA! Look out! Anyway…the Spinning room will be turned into an office and my Wednesday class is being phased out. Sad but I still have many, many more opportunities during the week to help people. I have been teaching Spinning on that bike for about 4 years now and racked up over 300 classes at least. The classes are all a blur. The hour of Spinning exists in another universe. It has nothing to do with reality or mundane things. It is raw, primal, sweaty, gut busting, head slamming, leg ripping insanity!!! Every Spinning class is combat. Brutal, fun and will burn more calories than any other class at the facility. So last night was extra extreme because the end is near.

Today I taught 4 classes. All good. They are all in different locations so I enjoy being so mobile during the day. Mr. F is always on the move!!

Song of the Day: Red Hot by Motley Crue

Holy crap I almost exploded and flew through the wall last night when this song savagely made it’s entrance in Spinning!!! It is so intense and driving I feared for my safety. I taught it as a flat race with no one allowed to slow down…only speed up. It was pretty interesting. When Spinners are working so damn hard they can barely lift their heads to scowl at you. I plan to use the song in my own rides as it boils my blood!

Enough of that. So…where ya from? Where?? Ewwww….

Off to bed. Golds Pilates in the morning and that is always lots of fun! If you have questions about anything health related or my classes please let me know. I am always available to help.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Success covers a multitude of blunders.
~George Bernard Shaw

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