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Monday approaches. We are on the top of the roller coaster as we prepare to shoot down into oblivion. Stave off that oblivion part by taking control of your health and life…for without health nothing else can thrive. As Joseph Pilates said, The first requisite of happiness is health. He was onto something there methinks. Monday for me is the beginning of a long, strenuous and inspiring week of working with whoever decides to elevate their life by practicing the methods that I am privileged to teach (Pilates, Yoga, Yoga/Pilates, Spinning, personal training etc..). I firmly believe that caring for your “temple” will invigorate and elevate your life on every level. Work from the inside out and be amazed at how your quality of life improves!

Song of the Day: The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-Ha

What a great song! I just added to a new Pilates mix as the opening song. The opening song is what plays while people are coming into the room and preparing for the class…it sets the whole mood of the class. It starts very slow with piano chords and eventually picks up into a powerful frenzy of guitars and keyboards. I am very excited to pounce on my clients with it!

Any questions about my classes or fitness in general please let me know. I pride myself on the best possible service to my many clients and whomever else wishes to break free from the monotony of routine. Routine in exercise as well as in life is a dead end road….leading to a collision with a brick wall. We must keep breaking free and trying new approaches to exercise to keep the mind/body connection fresh and productive.

See you in class!

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

The Kingdom of God is within you.
~Luke 17:21

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