Don’t forget to dance…


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Raining here again! Love it. Planned a walk but now…uh not so much.

Putting together a new Power Yoga mix for tonight at Golds. Any suggestions? Putting together a workout mix is always an adventure. So many choices but they must match the movements of the class and the mood. Never underestimate the tremendous and powerful mood that music creates in a group fitness class. It can be a deal maker or breaker.

Lighter schedule since I ended all my Disney classes last week and don’t continue them until June. Golds Pilates this morning was rocking! New mix. New moves. Fun galore. Packed room. Full energy. Life doesn’t get any better than that my friends! It is the most exciting hour of your week. If it isn’t…don’t tell me…

Bought a new bed. Mr. F needs to get tons of good, quality sleep.

Song of the Day: Don’t Forget to Dance by The Kinks

I am on a Kinks roll and this song is so different than their others…slow, beautiful, thoughtful and tender. used it for a warm-up this morning with great success. The warm-up did indeed warm people up. That is it’s purpose. It would suck if you got freezing cold during the warm-up. What would be the point? Gorgeous song. Check it out! Or don’t…I don’t care.

Any questions about classes? Let me know. I will answer anything I can.

Off to drive through the storm to teach some more. The rain has not affected my classes…yet.

Sean Vigue
“Instructor to Thousands!”

We will either find a way, or make one.

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  1. Mark05-27-09

    Song suggestion (pretty random, but always a good one): Everything Counts (live) by Depeche Mode

  2. Sean Vigue05-29-09

    Good call Mark! I have used it several times actually.

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