Monday fades from view…


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Monday is now part of history folks. Wave good bye. Bon voyage to you my friend.

Tired so I shall be brief. Elvis is singing me to sleep.

All the classes went very well today. Did some Pilates, some Yoga/Pilates and some Candlelight Yoga. Nice mix.

Song of the Day: The Saint by Orbital

Holy crap! Thins song rocks for class! It is from the movie that no one saw called The Saint with Val Kilmer when he was cool. It is the song that comes in when I start doing the Pilates 100 and the Roll-Up so it signals the beginning of the Core exercises. Lots of energy is required to perform all these flowing movements and the song delivers! Boy oh boy. Check it out.

Good night. Huge Golds class in the morning and then 4 more classes. I am insane. Over 3000 classes in the past 4 years. I must be insane. Love to teach. Love to work with people. Love to help people improve their lives. Love it. Pure and simple.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

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