Monster classes to end the week!


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Holy crap! The numbers in class have been through the roof this past week! Up, up and up they go where will they stop nobody knows. Hopefully never. Group fitness is just too damn good to be kept a secret. That’s right…I said damn!

We got some Elvis playing in the background and I am feeling funky. ELVIS! Need to work him into my classes again. Not HIM but his music. You get the idea.

Had the largest class of my four year group fitness career this morning at Golds Gym Dr. Phillips! Good times. Room was extra packed and the energy was insane! No room. Standing room only. Those were some Pilates hungry people and I worked them hard. No breaks. No whining. Only extreme stretching, strengthening and toning. Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning eh? The rest of the classes were equally as enjoyable. I love what I do. I have never worked in a field where my heart wasn’t in it 100%. Before my fitness career I worked in professional theater all over the world and my heart and soul were immersed in the craft. In the life. In the traveling. Blessed are we who follow our hearts.

Song of the Day: (Ciao) Baby by The Cult

Can’t get it out of my head! It is a spy in the house of Sean. Have never used it in class but a friend of mine made me a Pilates mix and it was on there. Now I can’t stop listening to it. I see it finding a home on my next Pilates mix. I do indeed. Nothing like a song that gets me singing to the entire class while they roll their eyes and try to focus on their Open-Leg Rocker in peace. Oh the joys of a live class!! Time flies and we all swoon to a better life. Adding top-notch, soul lifting music to the natural movements of Pilates and yoga elevate us through the roof and we know we will never be the same again. Never…

Time to go sleepy as I have a early class in the morning and then the rest of the weekend is MINE.

God Bless.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

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