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Anyone out there an MST 3K fan? Translation: Mystery Science Theater 3000. Funniest show ever. I just purchased another 4 DVD set and am watching Time Chasers before my next 2 classes. It is a very cheap Back to the Future knockoff.

Great Pilates class at Golds this morning!! I have been adding way more Planks/Down Dog series to the mix and they are met with many groans but yield amazing results in the areas of tone, strength, balance and coordination.

Don’t forget the sign-up this Friday on the Hub for all Disney cast members interested in my next eight-week class sessions at Feature Animation, 215 Building, and Disney University. Let’s blanket all of Disney property with these positive, fun, and challenging classes!

Song of the Day: Petrol by Orbital

Using it tonight in Power Yoga at Golds! They are a techno group that has just the right amount of driving force behind the music to use in a flow class. We need music that drives to keep the flows alive and kicking! Come to class and you will see.

Doing a PiYo certification this weekend. More info to follow….

Off to teach!

Mr F

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