Professional Theater days….


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I have worked for over 13 years as a professional singer/actor/dancer in theaters across the country and even Europe. Since I started Mr. Fitness LLC I have not performed as much and have recently been missing it and reminiscing about all the crazy theater adventures. One of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much is the dramatic qualities present: music, voice, dynamic movement, building energy from nothing and then bringing it back down etc…So much of fitness and group classes involves drama. Music. Theater. They all go together to elevate the soul during class. If we just went through the motions we would fall asleep from boredom. Our minds would check-out and the body would soon follow. Right out the door we would go.

Anyways I am forever grateful to my many years in theater for giving me a strong sense of presence in class. Whenever I am teaching I am 100% there! No cheating. No going through the motions. No automatic pilot. I see every class as a performance and I must be at the top of my game or it is not fair to my clients. We come together to improve our lives and I always take that very seriously.

Listening to some 1950’s Elvis. Now I take THAT seriously too!

The photo is from a production of West Side Story in Lancaster, PA in 1999. I played Riff, the leader of the Jets. That is me in the middle in the cool green shirt. Loved that shirt.

More later….

Sean Vigue

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