Ride the wave!


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Ride it right the heck into the week! Surge into the new week with a sense of divine purpose. Let it fill your soul.

I am preparing for a feverish week of classes, meetings, auditions, and of course driving! Until teleportation is real I must drive all over Florida to work with the peeps. Get me a good CD in my car (Lilly) and I don’t care. Many, many classes are on the schedule for the week and I plan to dive in headfirst. Just put together a new Pilates Mix that I believe to be the greatest mix ever created for a Pilates class!!! By just playing the mix people in the room become fitter and stronger. The mix may not even need me. Damn! Should have thought of that.

Song of the Day: Zoo by The Scorpions

Have you heard this song?? Drat it’s good! I always equated The Scorpions with a couple big hits but baby ALL their songs are hits! This little ditty is on the new mix and will inspire whoever is in earshot to do an extra Rollover or Jackknife (Pilates moves). It has a great intensity that builds throughout. I look for that when choosing a Pilates song so I can add intensity to the exercises and attache it to the music. It makes for a very powerful experience. Music+Movement=Nirvana!

Off to bed. Stop by class and say hi but I warn you: I will put you to work and you will love me for it.

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Skill to do comes of doing.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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