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Elvis is singing that song in the background right now and it always reminds me of the movie Swingers when they are headed to Vegas and gassing up. George Jones sang it in the movie I believe.

Banged out a bunch more classes today. All fun. All good. My body is a little beat-up from all the teaching. When I first started teaching classes a few years I would do EVERYTHING (all the exercises) during each class! Insanity! Sometimes I teach 7 classes a day and I would be doing all that stuff. I mean really…Pilates, Yoga and all that is so damn good for your body but not when you do it that much in a day. I always dive headfirst into something that I have a passion for and that is what I did. It took a couple years to convince myself I could still be an effective teacher and not do it with them. I prefer now walking around and correcting (making fun of) people. Whatever it takes to help people get the most out of that hour I shall provide!

Song of the Day: Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons Project

This song always reminds me of riding the school bus back in grade school. I am going home in June for a nice vacation and I always get in a nostalgic mood about a month before so that would explain the song. As for using it in class…maybe. It would be a good warm-up song. I keep getting this visual of the school bus going by this little bridge in Barre Mills, Wisconsin on it’s way back to town after picking up all the kids. Too much info? My blog. I win.

Big class at Golds in the morning and then Disney to do research of some shows. Hush hush. Blessed life indeed.

Sean Vigue

Kneel down ye sinners to
Streetwise religion
Greed’s been crowned the new king
Hollywood dream teens
Yesterday’s trash queens
Save the blessings for the final ring
~Wild Side by Motley Crue

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