The week lays before us like a blanket of Spam


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Ready? This week is going to be CRAZY!! Tons of classes plus some new ones to add to the excitement. Get a helmet.

I had the entire day off today! Sunday is the day for Mr. Fitness. Sleep in, eat, read, watch MST 3K, laugh, take Body Flow and go for a bike ride. If a visit to Target is squeezed in there well then that would rock my socks. Next week I will be attending a certification for PiYo…it is a really cool blend of Pilates and Yoga and I am very excited to add this to my resume. The more I learn the more I can bring to my clients.

Song of the Day: Devil in Disguise by Elvis

Elvis! I am not even going to write his last name. I have used this song in Spinning a few times. Funny little tune…starts slow and then Elvis gets pissed and picks up the rhythm. Elvis! Short song too. Only 5 seconds long. Gotta pedal fast if the song is only 5 seconds. Damn fast! Great song. Great singer. Makes me smile like a fool.

Class numbers are up everywhere and my energy has been strong. Keep on attending I guarantee a workout to stretch, strengthen and tone your entire body as well as clear your mind. I promise to give my all in each and every class to make your experience unforgettable.

Off to bed…

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

Your focus determines your reality.
~Qua Gon (Star Wars:Phantom Menace)

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