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After a long day of teaching ->>>>>>>>>>

A great way to get more information out there and keep my creative juices flowing is to add an Ask Mr. Fitness section to these blogs. Ta da!! Did I think of this BRILLIANT idea all on my own?? I may have had some help…

So email me an questions you have about my classes, fitness in general, Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, health, nutrition, geology, and anything else and I shall do my best to answer them. If I don’t know I will do some research and source the items for you. This will be a wonderful way to explore more areas of health and fitness!

So email any questions you have to and I will post them with a pithy reply in these blogs.

Taught my first Pilates class at Disney University this evening and was very pleased with how well everyone did. The room was a little smaller so people were a little cramped but that didn’t stop us from performing a very flowing yet challenging class. Next week we will have a larger room. Teaching on Disney property is the best! I am very blessed to be their Pilates and Yoga/Pilates guy.

Starting another new class tomorrow at the Disney 215 Building in Celebration at noon. We call it a Lunchtime Class. Class runs about 45 minutes and sends everyone back to work feeling looser, more relaxed and invigorated. The class is a Yoga/Pilates combination that stresses strong yoga poses and Pilates ab work. Class ends with a meditation to clear the mind, body and spirit.

Song of the Day: You’re Going to Lose That Girl by The Beatles

Almost three minutes of pure joy! The Beatles were one-hit wonders from the 60’s. They had one hit and then disappeared into obscurity. Too bad. They were pretty good but very under appreciated. I wonder where they are now?

Stay tuned for some workout clips…

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Murry!”

The Great Pumpkin always picks the most sincere pumpkin patch to rise out of. He’s just gotta pick this pumpkin patch. He’s just gotta! Look around. You can see that there’ not a sign of hypocrisy anywhere. Nothing but sincerity reaching out as far as the eye can see.
~Linus Van Pelt

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