Burned through Disney classes like a red, hot blade!


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Finished up my huge week of classes (except for one more tomorrow at the Clubhouse) and that included all of my new classes at Disney. They all went smashingly and the numbers are up again. All the numbers have been very strong considering it is early summer and most Floridians are vacationing up north. Great week! I think my Pilates class at Golds this morning was one of my favorite classes ever! The room was full, the energy was intoxicating and the class ripped along like a tornado with no breaks until 50 minutes in when we hit the cool down. Felt great and everyone got an intense workout that will stay with them for awhile. Here’s to many, many more!!

Gotta go to sleep. More tomorrow.

Sean Vigue

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  1. Mark07-01-09

    Sounds like you have assimilated back into work from being on vacation quite well! If you're in need of a good spinning song, try Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour". One of my favorite, fun songs. Also, Fred Flare's "Sparkle Pop". Super fun!

    Have a GREAT 4th of July!

  2. Sean Vigue07-03-09

    Hey Mark!

    I will check out those songs. Thanks.

    A great page for music and Spinning people is http://www.pedal-on.com

    It is full of info and there are threads all about good spinning and workout songs.

    Take care!

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