Cold and exciting in Wisconsin!


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Whew! Another gorgeous day in southwest Wisconsin. I actually mean that…the cold weather is very refreshing and it will be warming up tomorrow. Enough about the weather…Bakery time on the right with Mr. Bob and Timmm. ->

I have been busy planning new and exciting classes and events over my vacation. What I am most excited about is filming several Pilates and yoga videos that Mr. Fitness LLC will be using to reach a much wider audience. I am in the process of planning out the videos now and will be going into the studio to record them when I return to Florida next week! Oh boy! As I always say, “This is only the beginning!” More news to follow.

The Disney classes are filling up nicely but there are still a few slots left. It you are a Disney Cast Member go to the Hub right now and look under Cast Activities. There you will find the listings for my classes.

Had the walk of my life this evening around West Salem. Such a gorgeous town. I have always held this town in my heart wherever I travel and each time I come home I re-connect with her.

Song of the Day: Louder Than Hell by Motley Crue

Why not this song again? On my iTunes this is my most played song with over 40 plays. The second song (Somebody Told Me by The Killers) comes in at a paltry 14 plays. Wuss!

I miss the HELL out of my former Wednesday night Spinning class at Celebration Health. Miss it dearly I gotta find me another Spinning class in the area. My desire to beat the hell out of people is overwhelming.

Good night all. More tomorrow…

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”

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