Cold and wet in Wisconsin!


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Mr. F is on his great vacation up north but the weather is has been FREEZING! High 40’s today and raining. June? This usually happens in July. Despite the weather it is so nice to be home with my family and having Jilly here to show off.

Go see Up. It is such an amazing film and I have seen it twice already. Amazing. Life affirming. Go see it!

Sean is tired. Too many things going on so I must go to bed to energize for another full and fun day tomorrow.

Song of the Day: She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult
Pretty anything song by The Cult is going to make this list. Great group with the perfect amount of attitude and mystery. Plus the lead singer adds extra vowels to words which I enjoy immensely. It’s going on my next Pilates mix.

No more. Tired. Must stay warm. I miss teaching but will use my vacation to recharge and come out swinging with the best classes you will ever experience!

The picture is my father at the world famous Linda’s Bakery in West Salem yesterday. Great place!

Sean Vigue
“Instructor to Thousands!”

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