It’s the smells!


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I tell ya this town (West Salem) has the best smells possible. They are so nice that I will not even explain what they are…just trust me. I have been doing my patented night walks here for about an hour and a half every evening. Just me and Maddie on an adventure through the thick southwest Wisconsin wilderness. Always an adventure my friends.

I have been busy planning my new Pilates and Yoga videos as well. This is very exciting as they will be available to all of my clients to utilize when they need some extra fitness and Mr Fitness during the week. The videos will each run between 5 and 10 minutes and will be a non-stop flowing thrill ride!!! Damn straight!!

Also am researching TONS of new music for my many, many classes once I return to Florida. Some new groups are: The Jam, Orbital and The M. Turner Rhythm Section. Stay tuned for many more exciting music choices and experiences.

I am off to B and N to research and make funny mental notes of all the people walking by.

Song of the Day: Atom Bomb by Fluke

Kick ass song! Nough said…

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Rabid Cats!”

Enough chitchat! Let’s see how you like flaming garbage!!
~Moe from The Simpsons

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