Mr. F is heading to Montana today!


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Yes indeed I will be packing Jilly into my suitcase (she is flexible) and heading to the mountains of northwest Montana for a week of wonder and buffalo burgers.

See you all next week. This video expresses what I am feeling at this moment. Actually it doesn’t…

PS Great shorter week of classes! Power Yoga at Golds last night was intoxicating. I added an extended standing flow sequence with Warriors, Triangles, balance poses and even flirted with adding the very advanced Half-Moon poses but time got the best of me. Crap! Time goes so damn fast in that class and we must allow time for the meditation at the end. The meditation is the dessert. The cheesecake. The Simpsons. You get the idea.
See you soon!
Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”
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