Pilates Thunder #3 is on the shelves! Check it out here!


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Here is my latest Pilates video entitled Pilates Thunder #3. Practice this video until you feel stronger and then start combining it with the other workout videos in this series.
I now have several workout videos on the market with many more being planned. If you have any questions please let me know. Find the link to all my videos on my web page : www.Mr-Fitness.org
Full week of classes this week beginning at Disney tomorrow and then taking me all over central Florida. Such fun! Numbers are great and I get to work with hundreds of people every week and help them improve their lives. It is always an extremely positive experience and I thank you all for sharing your time with me.
Song of the Day: Cradle will Rock by Van Halen

I taught an hour of Spinning today at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Charity Ride at Celebration Fitness and this was one of my hills. I did three hill songs in a row and this was sandwiched in the middle. Tough stuff and David Lee Roth’s shrieking vocal flips are always enjoyable. Great song. Great group.
Must prepare for my Lunchtime Yoga/Pilates class at Disney’s Feature Animation now. We have been having packed houses and they demand a workout with plenty of relaxation…not the easiest combo but all in a days work for Mr. Fitness (-:
See you soon!
Sean Vigue
“Let’s Get Serious!”
A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
~Leonardo da Vinci
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