Podcasts, Pilates Thunder, and The Cult oh my…


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Such a week and it is only half over! Let’s start this off with a quote to get the hairs to raise on the back of your neck:

“Range is for the ego, and control is for the soul”
Did it work? I am in the business of controlled exercise. No sloppy, jerky, not thought out movements in my classes. We learn to use our bodies as they are meant to be used and as a result we experience rewards and benefits far greater than we could ever imagine. If you are going to do something…do it right…do it brilliantly! If not what’s the point?
I have already had the pleasure of teaching over 10 classes this week and working with hundreds of people hungry for more in their lives. They are searching. We are ALL searching. When you come to Yoga and Pilates for instance you are on the right path. You may be on a path that will inspire, change (for the better), and elevate your life to heights you never imagined. This is the business in which I find myself. Part of the solution. Part of something that improves your life on three levels: mind, body, and spirit.
Disney classes have been cruising along and growing and growing. It keeps my on my toes and inspires me to learn as much as I can so I may offer only the BEST classes. Last night at my Power Yoga class at Golds Dr. Phillips I threw in some Half-Moon and Reverse Half-Moon pose which are very challenging poses. Sure there were lots of groans and wobbling but everyone did the best they could and are primed to only improve from class to class. Only improve. Wall-to-wall people posing for themselves and then going home and having the best nights sleep of the week. It’s all good!
I am pleased to announce that Mr. Fitness LLC is now doing Podcasts though iTunes!! Such glorious excitement that I am able to open up my business like this and reach so many more people who need help.
Just click subscribe and you are off on a fitness journey that will never end. It is also FREE.
Song of the Day: Turn Me Loose by Loverboy

I’m telling you don’t turn me loose or nothing will survive! It will be a hurricane of Corkscrews, Hundreds, and Warrior 3’s. You don’t want all that coming down on you!
Fitness Tip of the Day
~When you breathe think of it soaking into your cells. Drench your cells in the breath.
See you in class or on video!
Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”
“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.”
~Albert Schweitzer
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