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Working with my father in my new video series, Pilates for the Mature Gentleman ———->

I am in the process of planning, filming, editing, producing, and releasing longer, more complex workout videos for the public to gobble up on my new web page:

These videos will be going in my special paid section of my site where you may pay a small fee and have access to all of these dynamic and effective workouts! I will be doing many different workouts as diverse as our population and all with only a mat underneath.
In the works for next week is an advanced Pilates workout series (3 individual workouts) that will rip and tone your entire body and make you irresistible to all those who are lucky enough to be around you! Every video will have a specific focus but will ALWAYS bring your mind, body, and spirit to the table. Without these components what is the point right? So as hard as you work, as much as you sweat, as much as you groan from exertion with some of these videos you will always feel a release of tension and an elevation of the spirit. Always! That is who I am and what I do. You can thank me for your newly much admired body later (-;
Currently putting together a series of DVDs designed for corporate wellness programs titled, The Motley Wellness Workout. These DVDs will be for any business looking to create healthier, happier, and more productive employees while also lowering the cost of their insurance perhaps. The business can purchase the program and every employee involved in the program will receive a DVD with several workouts (20-30 minutes) which are Yoga and Pilates based. They can perform them at home or together during lunchtime or right after work to build a stronger team. After a short period of time everyone will receive another DVD with progressively more difficult workouts. The workouts progress with the person. More info when the DVDs are finished but I guarantee they will be effective and give your business a huge kick in the butt!
Stay tuned for more news and keep watching

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Thousands!”
If you have a strong, healthy spine the world is yours!
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