Many new and exciting things coming in 2010 from Motley Fitness!


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It is such an exciting time at Motley Fitness! Our line of workout DVDs which debuted two months ago have been selling very well and getting rave reviews, live classes continue to be packed and growing with fitness hungry people, Motley Podcasts are circling the globe bringing safe and responsible fitness to people in all countries, and Yoga for the Runner workout DVD debuts this weekend to the world!

Thank you to everyone who has given me and Motley Fitness a chance to help you achieve your fitness goals. I want to be as diverse as I can with my products so that every fitness level and age can indulge and reap the many, many benefits. Fitness must become a priority with the public as the warning signs of obesity and complacency persist. There is no end to work that I must do but I accept the challenge and hope to earn your business with blood, sweat, tears, and ripped abs.

I promise to always create workouts that are effective, fun, dynamic, bold, flowing, and original.

You will always look and feel better after each and every class!

Stay tuned to all that Sean and Motley Fitness have to offer in 2010 and beyond…

How you treat your body is your choice. Choose Motley Fitness.

Sean Vigue

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