What a day!


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Motley Fitness is moving at the speed of light with workout DVDs selling out and live classes being packed full of fitness hungry people snatching the many, many benefits of Pilates, Yoga, and Spinning!

Spinning this morning was just perfect. It flowed and ebbed into a brutal and effective ride! The music was loud and the sweat poured…just the way a Spinning class must be.

Yoga for the Runner is coming out next week! Three dynamic yoga workouts to enhance your running on every level. Click on this link:


I am bringing back my feature: Song of the Day. Every blog I will feature a different song that was used to the greatest effect in my live group fitness classes.

Song of the Day: Human by The Killers
Why? It is the best song of the 2000’s. Brilliant and bright it will take your breath away. I used it in Spinning this morning and the bikes almost sparked from the intensity.

See you in class!

Sean Vigue

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