Yoga for the Runner DVD in Post-Production!


Yes it is a fitness hungry world. I thought that as I watched the finishers of the Disney Marathon cross the line after a grueling 26.2 mile ordeal that demands powerful mind/body/spirit connection. As I watched them I noticed that most of them were not stretching…most of them were very stiff (understandable after 26.2 miles).

An idea popped….

All the stretching, strengthening, toning, breathing, focusing, and life changing benefits of Yoga mainlined right into a runners arm! Yoga is just waiting for runners to dive right in and smoke the competition.

So I have developed the Yoga for the Runner workout DVD! Three separate, dynamic yoga workouts: focusing on upper body, overall runner toning and muscle stretching workout, and a stretching routine to do right after you finish your run.

Put the three together and you have the secret weapon to demolishing the competition or merely improving your private runs. It works for every kind of runner…male female…tall short…fast slow…hyper calm. It fits right in with what you have already build!

Genius! How can you go wrong?

Check out this Teaser for the series (featuring fitness model Jillian Wilkerson) which debuts this weekend:

Pre-order now by emailing Use Pay Pal or check. If in person cash is the preferred. Add $5 for shipping.

All three workouts on one DVD for only $15! Buy two for only $25. The skies the limit with Yoga.

Stay tuned…

Sean Vigue

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