Motley Fitness is a life choice.


Motley Fitness is committed to creating a healthy, lean, fit body and mind through natural movements based in Pilates and Yoga. You will look and feel great now AND for many, many years to come. We believe that fitness is your duty and must be safe, effective, and forward thinking so you may be filled with vitality every glorious moment of your life.

Many exercise programs promise quick fixes at the expense of your body. You hit it hard and push your body to extremes…beating up your joints and muscles. So what do you do after the program runs out? Where do you go? Motley Fitness will be there with you every step of the way with live classes, workout DVDs, free podcasts, and a pleathura of fitness information so you may lead the life you were meant for.

Look and feel better now AND for many, many years to come. Live a life of flexibility, fitness, and sexiness (-:

Stay tuned and make your life extraordinary!

Sean Vigue

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