Motley Fitness is a life choice.


I am developing Motley Fitness into a fitness guide to a healthy, strong life. There are plenty of workouts on the market that will kick your butt into shape in a very short amount of time (and I have several workouts that will do the same) but the questions persists…where do I go after the program? Most intense programs are not something your body can maintain any extended period of time. Where do you go after you have worked so hard?

Motley Fitness promises to provide workouts in this new decade to create a healthy and better looking you right now AND in the many, many years to come. By using mostly mat based programs (ie Pilates and Yoga) you will focus on creating a healthy body from the inside out that will guide you through a life of vitality and youthfulness.

What is Motley Fitness doing in 2010…and beyond?

New workout series are always being developed. This week we are launching Yoga for the Runner on DVD. This will be every runners secret weapon to unleash their true running potential.

Watch this promo of Yoga for the Runner:

There are also many popular and dynamic workout series already available from Motley Fitness. Since debuting two months ago they have been selling out! Get em’ while they are hot.

New workout Podcasts every week! Motley Fitness has 2 series running right now: Exercise Breakdown and Three-Minute Pilates with more to follow.

A wellness program for businesses and individuals is being developed.

Sean continues to teach 17-20 live classes per week to the fitness hungry people of Orlando.

Every class is unique, effective, fun, and always challenging. No cookie cutter classes and repeating the same moves week after week. Once your mind becomes bored so goes the rest of you. Fitness must be fresh or it dies…

Stay tuned for much, much more…

See you in class!

Sean Vigue
“Trainer to Tens of Thousands!”

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