Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer DVD coming soon from Motley Fitness!


Oh yes Motley Fitness is on FIRE! We are bringing top of the line health and fitness to a fitness hungry world through packed live classes, workout DVDs, FREE Podcasts, and blogs a plenty. I work very hard to create workouts for people of ALL ages and fitness levels.

So….Yoga/Pilates for the Dancer is the next big DVD coming from Sean Vigue and Motley Fitness! This DVD will feature an exciting mixture of Yoga poses and PIlates Core work to turn you into the fiercest, most limber, dynamic, controlled, and balanced dancer in all of history! Combine Yoga and Pilates and dramatic life changing shall occur.

I have taught these classes to professional and amateur dancers at several dance studios with amazing success and it is time to re-create and blast them into the world of dancers (or anyone else who wants to stretch, strengthen, and tone their entire body while releasing the mind). Ballet? Jazz? Modern? Tap? Swing? Mambo? Breakdancing? This DVD will give you a HUGE edge in all forms of dance.

Stay tuned for more info on the next big thing in fitness!

Sean Vigue

Yoga for the Runner is the latest best selling release from Motley Fitness and feature fitness model and marathoner Jillian Wilkerson. Get them while they are hot!

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