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Photo above is from the Motley Fitness German promo series. Got Core?

Why do we spend gobs of money on your lawn, car, clothes, food, jewelry, and house and neglect our most important asset: our health? This thought runs through my head as I take my cherished night walks in my town. Beautiful homes are everywhere with perfectly manicured lawns and a fancy BMW sitting in the driveway. Then…the owner comes out walking their little dog only about 10 feet. The owner is obese, hunched over, grunting, and breathing heavy. So sad.

What is the point really? Everything else is superficial next to your health and I don’t know about you but I plan to live to at least 100. I want to help people realize that they can look and feel great NOW and for the rest of their life. Put it in perspective. Honor your body by giving it what it craves. You can’t drive your BMW without gas and proper maintenance so why treat your body any different?

Motley Fitness continues to astound the fitness world by offering top-notch, life-changing live classes and a full (and growing) line of workout DVDs! We also offer TONS of FREE workouts available on iTunes, youtube, Yahoo, Mevio, and many other locations around the web. We want you to celebrate and be joyous about life through your fitness. What’s vital in us is so important!

Our number one goal is to create a mind/body balance that keeps you physically and mentally fit. Without the release there is no calm. Look and feel better after each workout now…and for the rest of your life. That is our promise to you.

Motley Boot Camp and Tabata DVD coming this week! Order now. Full Motley Fitness Program coming soon!

Only the beginning…

Sean Vigue

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